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SCIRE ASSOCIATED ENGINEERS is a private company that works with consulting and assistance services in the diffuse areas of knowledge applied in environment, providing sustainable solutions to various market segments: Energy, Mining, Industrial, Real Estate, Agribusiness, Forestry and Third Sector.

With a multidisciplinary team in the areas of Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Earth Sciences, Humanities and Information Technology, SCIRE ASSOCIATED ENGINEERS proposes to bring their approach of work and operate in the physical, biotic and socioeconomics in ethical way, aiming the quality of the products and customer satisfaction.

Our structure is based on the most dynamic business models, growing together with new technologies and market demands.



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SCIRE - Associated Engineers - Av. Pres. Kennedy, 1333 - Ed. Presidente, Sl. 616 - Call Us: +55 48 32593243 - São José, Grande Florianópolis, SC