These are the goods and services that SCIRE develops to solve your problem and analyse your investment/project viability in Brazil:

Environmental Due Diligence – EDD

In this study informations are collected and evaluated, environmental liabilities associated are identified and characterized, and the risks inherent in the process are evaluated, thereby providing the information for decision-making through a clear and objective management report.

Environmental Management

SCIRE performs environmental management for your business with a qualified team without compromising the financial budget of your organization. It is precisely this perspective that our company stands, prioritizing improvement opportunities, optimizing staff, materials and wiping the budget of the project.

Development and Deployment of Environmental Programs

The Environmental Programs are a fundamental step in deployment and operation of potentially polluting business. The methodology is described in PBA’s (Basic Environmental Projects) or PCA’s (Environmental Control Plans) and its implementation occur during all life cycle of an enterprise.

SCIRE works writing and developing these programs with quality and mastership. Some examples: Recovery of Degraded Areas Program, Erosive Processes Monitoring, Forest Implementation Program, Germplasm Rescue Program, Aquatic Macrophytes Monitoring, Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, among others.

Regularization and Environmental Licensing

Environmental laws in Brazil are one of the most evolved of the world. This fact impose entrepreneurs to adopt a strategy for implementation of projects within the regulations. SCIRE ASSOCIATED ENGINEERS acts regulating and licensing your business, promoting all stages of your project feasibility together the Brazilian environmental institutions.

Basically there are 3 (three) environmental permits to be obtained.

  • Preliminary Environmental License - LP (Approves the Project);
  • Environmental License Deployment - LI (Authorizes Installation);
  • Environmental Operating License - LO (Authorizes Operation).

The package of products developed by SCIRE for environmental licensing of your business:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA);
  • Environmental Impact Report (RIMA);
  • Simplified Environmental Study (EAS);
  • Simplified Environmental Report (RAS);
  • Environmental Compliance Study (ECA);
  • Basic Environmental Project (PBA);
  • Environmental Control Plan (PCA);
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation (AIA);

Risk Analysis and Management Plan

Risk analyzis are an important tool in operating plants and factories. In addition, many environmental agencies request be conducted simultaneously with the environmental licensing, the Risk Analysis Study (EAR) and the Risk Management Plan (PGR).

The EAR prospects the qualitative and quantitative environmental risks in light of the threats (hazards) and vulnerabilities. The PGR brings guidelines for prevention, mitigation and minimization of risks within an industrial plant and surrounding area.

Research and Development

Coupled with the development of practical tools, SCIRE ASSOCIATED ENGINEERS operates in the area of Research & Development of new environmental technologies. With the participation of academics are provided the creative interaction of knowing and insights required to develop new knowledges.

SCIRE’s R&D department is focused on developing mathematical models, programs, and quality evaluation systems for Environmental Management.

Expertise and Audit

Expertise Process

A expertise process is usually tied to a lawsuit. In this kind of work, evaluating the instance through environment investigation technics, generating an expert report that brings answers to the parties and all environmental information required to support the judgment.


Environmental audit is a tool for verification of environmental compliance. It can be developed as a checklist on specific standards, or a pre-set developed by a specialized team. Your goal is to verify whether or not environmental compliance in various industries and processes of an organization. It’s massively used in SGA systems like the series ISO 9000, 12000, 14000, among others.

Valuation Engineering

Is the branch of science that studies the valuation of improvements reproductive and non-reproductive. Your aim is to estimate - through research and price measurement of the market - the actual value of a property. It is successfully used in litigations, negotiations and the sale of assets and severance.


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