Regularization and Environmental Licensing

Environmental laws in Brazil are one of the most evolved of the world. This fact impose entrepreneurs to adopt a strategy for implementation of projects within the regulations. SCIRE ASSOCIATED ENGINEERS acts regulating and licensing your business, promoting all stages of your project feasibility together the Brazilian environmental institutions.

Basically there are 3 (three) environmental permits to be obtained.

  • Preliminary Environmental License - LP (Approves the Project);
  • Environmental License Deployment - LI (Authorizes Installation);
  • Environmental Operating License - LO (Authorizes Operation).

The package of products developed by SCIRE for environmental licensing of your business:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA);
  • Environmental Impact Report (RIMA);
  • Simplified Environmental Study (EAS);
  • Simplified Environmental Report (RAS);
  • Environmental Compliance Study (ECA);
  • Basic Environmental Project (PBA);
  • Environmental Control Plan (PCA);
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation (AIA);


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